Turkey’s software development sector is rapidly growing, driven by talented developers, vibrant tech hubs, and a supportive ecosystem. In 2024, top companies are revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions in AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. Their expertise and commitment to excellence are driving digital transformation across various sectors. Join us to explore these leading companies shaping the future of software development in Turkey and beyond Software Developments Companies.

Peak Games

Description: Peak Games is a leading mobile gaming company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Known for its popular casual and puzzle games, Peak Games has gained international recognition for its innovative game designs and user engagement strategies.

Founded: 2010
CEO: Sidar Sahin
Revenue: $300M
Employees: 200 to 300
Services: Mobile Game Development, Game Design, User Engagement
Key Clients: Zynga
Partners: Zynga


Description: Insider is a global SaaS company that helps businesses grow by delivering personalized experiences to their customers. Using advanced AI and machine learning technologies, Insider’s platform enables companies to predict customer behavior and optimize marketing strategies.

Founded: 2012
CEO: Hande Cilingir
Revenue: $100M
Employees: 800 to 1000
Services: Marketing Automation, Personalization, Predictive Analytics
Key Clients: Unilever, Singapore Airlines, Toyota
Partners: Microsoft, Google, Adobe

Trendyol Tech

Description: Trendyol Tech is the technology arm of Trendyol, Turkey’s largest e-commerce platform. It focuses on developing innovative tech solutions to enhance the e-commerce experience, from logistics to customer service.

Founded: 2010
CEO: Caglayan Cetin
Revenue: $1B
Employees: 2000 to 3000
Services: E-commerce Solutions, Logistics, FinTech, AI & Machine Learning
Key Clients: Various merchants and consumers on Trendyol’s platform
Partners: Alibaba, Microsoft, Google Cloud

Gram Games

Description: Gram Games is a mobile game development studio based in Istanbul, Turkey, known for its engaging and addictive games. The company is renowned for its creativity and innovative approach to mobile gaming.

Founded: 2012
CEO: Mehmet Ecevit
Revenue: $150M (estimated)
Employees: 150 to 200
Services: Mobile Game Development, Game Design, User Engagement .
Key Clients: Zynga, Rovio Entertainment, Tencent, Supercell and King .
Partners: Zynga, Unity Technologies, Supercell and Rovio Entertainment.


Description: Etiya is a leading software company specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) solutions. Etiya provides end-to-end digital transformation solutions for telecom and other industries.

Founded: 2004
CEO: Aslan Dogan
Revenue: $70M
Employees: 1200 to 1500
Services: CRM, BPM, AI, IoT
Key Clients: Vodafone, Türk Telekom, Orange
Partners: Microsoft, Oracle, Google Cloud


Description: GittiGidiyor is one of Turkey’s largest e-commerce platforms, offering a wide range of products from various categories. As a part of the eBay family, GittiGidiyor brings global e-commerce standards to the Turkish market.

Founded: 2001
CEO: Okan Kutlu
Revenue: $200M
Employees: 500 to 700
Services: E-commerce, Online Marketplace
Key Clients: Various vendors and consumers on its platform
Partners: eBay, PayPal, Google

Logo Yazılım

Description: Logo Yazılım is a leading software company in Turkey, providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business software solutions. Logo Yazılım is known for its comprehensive and scalable solutions tailored to various industries.

Founded: 1984
CEO: M. Buğra Koyuncu
Revenue: $90M (estimated)
Employees: 1000 to 1500
Services: ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Supply Chain Management
Key Clients: Thousands of businesses across various sectors
Partners: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP


Description: İyzico is a leading financial technology company in Turkey, providing secure and easy-to-use payment solutions for e-commerce and other businesses. İyzico offers a wide range of payment services, including online payments, fraud prevention, and installment plans.

Founded: 2013
CEO: Barbaros Ozbugutu
Revenue: $50M
Employees: 100 to 200
Services: Online Payment Processing, Fraud Prevention, Installment Payments
Key Clients: Amazon Turkey, Hepsiburada, Trendyol
Partners: PayU, MasterCard, Visa


Description: Codeventure is a prominent technology firm specializing in providing innovative software solutions and digital transformation services to a diverse range of industries. The company is known for its expertise in software development, cloud computing, and data analytics, helping businesses optimize their operations and achieve their digital goals.

Founded: 2016
CEO: Benj Bellon
Revenue: 5.3M
Employees: 10 to 50
Services: Software Development, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation
Key Clients: Thousands of service professionals and customers across Turkey
Partners: Google, Facebook, Microsoft

Hepsiburada Tech

Description: Hepsiburada Tech is the technology division of Hepsiburada, Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform. Founded in 2001, it specializes in innovative solutions, including logistics and AI. With around 2,500 to 3,000 employees, it partners with Alibaba, Microsoft, and Google Cloud.

Founded: 2001
CEO: Murat Emirdağ
Revenue: $1.5B
Employees: 2500 to 3000
Services: Software Development, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation
Key Clients: Millions of consumers and thousands of sellers on Hepsiburada’s platform
Partners: Alibaba, Microsoft, Google Cloud


Turkey’s Leading Software Development Companies in 2024 are thriving, driven by innovative solutions in AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. Peak Games excels in mobile game development, Insider offers personalized marketing solutions, and Trendyol Tech enhances e-commerce experiences. Gram Games is known for addictive mobile games, Etiya provides CRM and BPM solutions, and GittiGidiyor is a major e-commerce platform. Logo Yazılım offers ERP solutions, İyzico provides secure payment services, Armut connects customers with local service professionals, and Hepsiburada Tech drives e-commerce innovation. These leading companies are shaping the future of Turkey’s Leading Software Development Companies in 2024 and beyond. By exploring Turkey’s Leading Software Development Companies in 2024, you can gain insights into how these top firms are revolutionizing the tech industry.

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